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Sexual dimorphism is a term for the phenotypic difference between males and females of the same species.

Direct sex differences follow a bimodal distribution.

An additional role in promoting ovary fate or female sex determination has been suggested, however it remains unclear how the germ line might regulate this process.

Here we show that the germ line is required for the ovary versus testis fate choice in zebrafish.

Additionally, we show that testis specification is sufficient for masculinization of the fish pointing to a direct role of hormone signaling from the gonad in directing sex differentiation of non-gonadal tissues.

Sex differences in humans, or gender differences in humans, have been studied in a variety of fields.

Through the process of meiosis and fertilization (with rare exceptions), each individual is created with zero or one Y-chromosome.

Direct being the direct result of differences prescribed by the Y-chromosome, and indirect being a characteristic influenced indirectly (e.g., hormonally) by the Y-chromosome.A major transition during development of the gonad is commitment from an undifferentiated “bi-potential” state to ovary or testis fate.In mammals, the oogonia of the developing ovary are known to be important for folliculogenesis.Similar findings are also reported in the sport medicine literature where males typically account for The findings of these studies have often been applied across the sexes and healthcare providers have assumed a uniform approach in treating both male and female patients.More recently, medical research has started to understand the importance of taking the sex into account as the symptoms and responses to medical treatment may be very different between sexes.

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A child's presumed sex is determined at birth by observation of the external genitalia.