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Administration reserves the right to change or update the Handbook and Rules of the Gears Pro Circuit at any time.

The official Gears Esports Code of Conduct can be found here. This includes software modification, hardware modification, match fixing, hacking, exploiting game glitches, impersonation (including playing under another player’s account), collusion, or any other behavior as determined by the Administration or the tournament organizer.

As a solution orientated Company, Gudo supports you in launching product to the market.

We would like to put our excellent know-how at your disposal, from the consultation to the manufacture and the launching of a successful product.

Participants may not intentionally delay or slow gameplay, including but not limited to stalling, disconnecting network cables, interruption of network connectivity, or any other known or unknown manner of tampering with gameplay.

The use of drugs or alcohol may lead to disruptive behavior.

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Online competitions may be entered by players 13 with the supervised purchase from a parent or guardian for any players under the age of 18.