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However by easing that guilt and telling him you are going to break his heart in two. On a practical note you should get a sexual health check / take morning after pill if this encounter was unprotected.

You don't need us to tell you how stupid you have been as you are more than aware of it.

He actually thinks it's worse that she was drunk as he said in his head he would be thinking has it happened everytime she's gone out!

I couldn't keep such a thing to myself, more out of respect for my partner.

Also, you'd be starting your marriage based on a lie, these things NEVER stay hidden and the guilt would eventually get you. who your supposed to love, and who your supposed to be marrying..... If someone has been cheated on they have a right to know, Plain and simple.....I think if people were really honest, they would also want to know Xx Morals......... If someone has been cheated on they have a right to know, Plain and simple.....I do not know about anyone else, but i would rather not catch anything......No one knows so therefore I have nobody to talk to.I'm really at my wits end, please someone give me advise.

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Xx Sent from my i Pad using Netmums mobile app I agree don't tell him just try to forget about it and never let it happen again , being drunk changes the way the brain is working at that time while drunk so you can end up doing something because your not thinking straight your all over the place and can't make proper decisions when drunk , it was ammistake an you wouldn't have done it sober so I think it's best to try forget an don't tell your partner as what would-be the point I'm actually quite shocked by the amount of women that are suggesting that she doesn't tell her fianc!