60034 hookup

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60034 hookup

The connectors come in four current ratings 16, 32, 63 or 125 A per pin.

The standardization was originally done by the CEE (Commission internationale de réglementation en vue de l'approbation de l'équipement électrique), which became IECEE in 1985 (International Commission on the Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment) and is now part of the IEC.The cable connectors and sockets are keyed and colour-coded, according to the voltage range and frequency used; common colours for 50–60 Hz AC power are yellow for 100–130 volts, blue for 200–250 volts, and red for 400–480 volts.The blue fittings are often used for providing weather-proofed exterior sockets for outdoor apparatus.In both cases, the rating applies when detached or mated, but not during the mating process.The more common IP44 variant features a spring-loaded hinged cap over the socket.

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The fittings are popular in open-air conditions, as they include IP44 weather-proofing.