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Together with the use of corrugated iron roofs, the stone walls give the town a textural, earthy appeal while the later addition of stoeps (verandas) in timber or steel adds a delicate touch to the otherwise sturdy houses.Early photos of the town show that most buildings were gabled in the Cape Dutch fashion.This is probably the most important of Sutherland’s heritage buildings, representing the reason for the town’s existence. Where: Piet Retief Street, the main road in town at both the physical and spiritual centre.

Here are a few highlights of the architecture: What: The Dutch Reformed Church.Architecture and design: A rectangular thatched-roof structure between straight gables.It was used by trekboere as a gathering place for church services and is still in use for baptism, weddings and special services.This is a cruciform straight gabled church built with pointed, rough stone.It has a square, two-tiered tower with a plastered spire topped by a bracketed cornice.

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