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Accommodating change

In the future, you plan to replace data models in affected Interactive Reporting documents in Workspace with this updated data model.

Second, you must synchronize the data model with the database.

The report said that spot listing - when a building is listed as part of an emergency procedure rather than as part of a planned review of an area – should be kept only for the most urgent cases.

English Heritage should adopt “thematic” reviews aimed at different aspects of public buildings such as all London fire stations or libraries so that, when these are complete, public bodies can plan and invest with more certainty.

This will assist owners of public listed buildings with the refurbishment and maintenance costs for their properties.

More importantly, it would ensure that some of these important public buildings are kept to a high standard and used as they were originally intended.

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Also, two columns in the Products table were renamed: Product Line was renamed as BMV Product Line and Product Family was renamed as BMV Product Family.

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