Accommodating multinational societies in nigeria Sex chat pages

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Accommodating multinational societies in nigeria

Globalization refers primarily to the ways in which economic and industrial institutions (such as industries or corporations) interact in various locations throughout the world, with primacy given to no specific geographic location. Ideas, customs, and cultural movements all follow closely after the exchange of goods across national boundaries.

For example, international trade has been the vehicle by which most religions have spread, including Buddhism to East and Southeast Asia along the Silk Road, Islam to Southeast Asia, and Christianity to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Americas.

Tibet's status under Chinese rule illustrates the new global reality.

What are the implications of these forces for those interested in intercultural communication?

Moreover, in what ways can intercultural communication theory help us to understand these forces?

On a daily basis, over one trillion dollars flows around the world on these electronic networks (Kennedy, p. Conversely, globalization allows the proliferation of information technologies, and creates a world wide market and clear strategic incentives for the adoption of information technologies.

Observers of the twin forces of globalization and informatization have argued that these forces will likely have consequences far beyond the immediate economic context.

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As societies and economies re-orient themselves around technologies, there are inevitable consequences.

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