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Accommodating students with cerebral palsy

Often I have heard general education and even placement specialists advise self-contained out of some inaccurate idea of this being a safe panacea for kids who struggle; where they’ll get all kinds of individual instruction. Furthermore, it can be difficult to get out of self-contained once in.

Academically the pace is slower than general education which means falling rapidly behind typical peers.

If you say, “No” to either, self-contained might be the way to go (noticed I said ‘might’).

I had to approach the topic of moving a child from LD to a mild mentally handicapped class due to 2 point change in IQ on her 3 year re-eval, and I went with the mother to visit 2 classroom options to ease her fears and answer questions that she might have regarding the classroom and her daughter. If I had a child with slower processing speeds, (and my LH will be in 1st next year as well), I’d put her in an inclusive setting with heavy supports in place that can be lifted as success is met.

If the K teacher accommodates for the slower processing speed, the first grade teacher doing the same might allow for success (as this is the major concern you mentioned).

IEP and Inclusion Tips for Parents The IEP Team When the IEP Team Meets Individualized Education Plan – Wrightslaw Regional Parent Technical Assistance Centers – focus is on helping families to understand special and general education laws and evidence-based practices and to actively participate in planning and decision-making about supports and services for early intervention, education, and transition to adult life I am a former special education teacher who now has a son with cerebral palsy and slow processing.

I strongly advise not going the self-contained route unless all options have been exhausted for success in the mainstream.

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On the continuum of services, self-contained is one of the most restrictive environments and therefor should only be chosen when, for an individual student, it is the least restrictive placement in which to have his or her needs met. When he started middle school, we tried mainstreaming all classes, but that quickly fell apart, and he needed to be in the resource room for certain classes because the pace was too fast and there was too much note taking and homework for him to keep up (even though he had a 1:1 aide).