Adam brody dating rachel

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Adam brody dating rachel

Rachel goes to the piano to practice the song A Change Would Do You Good.

They both sing while dancing around New York, taking pictures with Rachel's phone before ending up back in the NYADA dance studio where Brody tells her that she is amazing.

Later, during the Everytime montage, as Rachel dances with a boy instructed by Cassandra, Brody is seen outside the room, smiling and happy as Rachel gets to participate in class again.He has started his professional career from 1995, and he has still involved in it actively.He has done a lot of training and auditioned for many TV shows.Brody is the only one clapping when Rachel finishes her performance, but Carmen Tibideaux is also impressed.Sometime later, while Rachel is looking at a picture of Finn, Brody interferes and tells her that her relationship is doomed, like when he broke up with his girlfriend six weeks after he came to NYADA.

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