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For now, you can go watch TV if you want.” He picks up the dishes and goes into the kitchen, she keeps thinking the other shoe has to drop soon, this is so too good to be true. After a short time, he calls to her from the bathroom, she guesses the dishes are done and the tub is ready.

She hears a knock on her door and he asks if he can come in, he has something for her. Handling it to her he says, “This is for after, when you go to bed, put these on.” Then he turns and walks back to the stairs, saying over his shoulder, “Dinners ready, Molly.” Looking in the box she finds a little girl nighty, so cute and cotton soft, it says, “Daddy's girl.”She loves his cooking and hurries down to the dining room.As they eat, he tells her that tonight they will start to get to know each other a lot better, “I think it is time for you to get a bath from Daddy, don’t you?”Well that was not where she was expecting this to go, but she is ready to see where it ends.“ Let me start your water and while it fills I will wash these dishes and then call you.Not knowing what his dress code might be, she brought mostly sundresses, shorts and tees and little girl undies, as well as a few adult pretty things she hoped her new owner and Daddy might like to see her wear.She has been in his house for 3 days and the only contact with him has been in passing and at meals. He has been gone for his work but tells her he is almost done with this project and will be home for a while after that.

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