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Wicket provides also the ajaxified versions of submitting components Submit Link and Button which are simply called Ajax Submit Link and Ajax Button.These components come with a version of methods on Submit, on Error and on After Submit that takes in input also an instance of Ajax Request Target.Building an entire site using AJAX can be risky as some clients may not support this technology.In order to provide an usable version of our site also to these clients, we can use components Ajax Fallback Link and Ajax Fallback Button which are able to automatically degrade to a standard link or to a standard button if client doesn't support AJAX. Ajax Check Box is a checkbox component that updates its model via AJAX when user changes its value.As we will shortly see, switching from a classic link or button to the ajaxified version is just a matter of appending “Ajax” to the component class name.In the previous paragraph we have already introduced component Ajax Link.

The default implementation simply calls to String() on each suggestion object.

In the next example (project Check Box Ajax Tree) we will build a tree that displays some of the main cities of three European countries: Italy, Germany and France.

The cities are sub-nodes of a main node representing the relative county.

The nodes of the final tree will be also selectable with a checkbox control.

The whole tree will have the classic look & feel of Windows XP.

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An editable label is a special label that can be edited by the user when she/he clicks on it.