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Get ready to say "Alexa, activate the ______ skill"... Getting the latest news with the built-in Flash Briefing feature on Alexa is an excellent way to hear the day's news as you drink your coffee or drive to work. This skill also becomes part of your Flash Briefing The History Channel presents this skill to give you a run down on the big events that happened on any day in the past. " or "Alexa, ask This Day in History what happened on _____" with the day of your choosing.

This skill lets you add CNN's headlines and breaking stories to the briefing. (Follow up with "Tell me about another event" or "Hear more about this event.") If you're into the stock market, forget the ticker symbols.

Invocations: Every query has to start with "Alexa, ask census data...," such as "Alexa, ask Census Data, what is the population of Oregon?" a slew of "word of the day" skills on Alexa, many of which you can integrate right into your daily Flash Briefing.This one, however, is a personally curated list of words with examples—and the highest rated such app to date in the Skills store.Alexa has stolen the hearts and minds of the tech world in a way we haven't seen since the i Phone in 2007.It all started several years ago with Amazon's Echo, a smart little Bluetooth-capable speaker with a built-in audio-control interface named Alexa.

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Invocations: "Alexa, ask TV Shows when is _______ on next? To make it work, however, you must create a Big Sky account, provide your home address—or any location for which you want to know the weather, pick Fahrenheit versus Celsius, and link it to the skill.

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