An affair to remember dating

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Even better: Your Jon Snow fantasies could potentially come to fruition, because he seems as emotionally invested in you as your therapist, and that is alluring as hell.

So much so that you go out of your way to be around him.

You tell yourself it's totally cool because not a single penis has entered a single vagina at any time during your interactions with this office warrior hunk — so it's not an affair, right?

But hold on a second: There's a chance that you might be involved in an emotional affair, and although there are exceptions to all relationship rules, many experts (and perhaps even your partner) agree that it's cheating with a capital C.

You join coworkers at happy hour and plot ways to sit next to him. You divulge lots of info to him that you wouldn't even tell your closest girlfriend.

Basically, it feels like you two would be a match made in heaven — except, you're in a relationship and have a promising future with your significant other.

Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills family and relationship psychotherapist, author of .Gail Saltz, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and Weill-Cornell Medical College and a psychoanalyst with the New York Psychoanalytic Institute.It's one thing to complain about how your partner always leaves towels on the bathroom floor to your best friend, it's another to confide in a crush about how unhappy you've been in your relationship or about how your partner isn't giving you the emotional connection or satisfying sex you crave.And there are healthy ways to do that, like joining a class, book club, scheduling regular dinner dates with friends each month, or even simply Skyping with family when you're too busy for regular visits.All of these efforts will enrich your life and broaden your social circle so that you don't expect 24/7 attention from your partner.

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"You find yourself modifying your routine/schedule to see the person more frequently, the quantity and frequency of contact with him/her increases, and your feelings for the other person deepen and intensify." Also, pay attention to the butterflies that may be buzzing around your tummy when he texts and don't ignore these emotional changes.