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A third 'Bash The Rich' event, scheduled to march through Hampstead in 1985, was largely prevented by a heavy police presence, and was acknowledged by Class War to have been a failure.

This event was seen by many as a major setback for the group, and many members left to form other groups or drifted away.

This would be followed by a conference in London in 1997 to "reforge the revolutionary movement".

A third NWBTCW group appeared in London following the U. A split in the group which was characterised as between theory and practice lead to the 'actionists' leaving to attempt a copy of the Italian "Disobedients", which eventually disbanded.The prices below are meant to provide a basic guide but should not be relied upon as 'the' price for any particular goods or service. It has a small garden in the rear, and stands back about ten yards from the roadway. This sounds a little forbidding, perhaps, but as a matter of fact I believe it is a clean and wholesome enough article, made, it is said, largely from fruit which has already been partly bled to make jelly.Prices apply only to my area of expertise - London! It comprises kitchen, scullery, and servants' hall, with separate entrance in the basement; dining-room and drawing-room on the ground floor, four large bedrooms, two small, a dressing-room, and a bath-room, as well as an ample supply of offices. It is turned out as 'mixed household' 'jam by firms of good reputation, and I believe with their manufacturing and buying facilities they are able to fill their jars with sound, though certainly 'mixed,' jam at a lower rate than adulteration would cost.It was argued that the group that had rejected so much of the practice of the revolutionary Left, was now replicating it.The "quitters" went on to produce issue 73 of Class War - An open letter to the revolutionary movement.

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In 2011 the remaining Class War group announced their dissolution.