Aspergers hookups

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Aspergers hookups

“Autism is highly genetic, and a big part of the genetic risk is inherited.”That’s not to say heritable genetic traits are the only determinants for autism risk.

Other things, such as the ages of parents at birth and environmental and biological factors, play into risk; they may be involved in a spontaneous mutation that results in having one child who develops autism.

We are a multi-disciplinary team, which means members have a range of professional qualifications and experience in many areas, including: Clinical Psychology Psychiatry ASD Practitioners Occupational Therapy Speech and Language Therapy Central to the work of the AASDS is the Autism Service Co-ordinator.

The Autism Service Co-ordinator is available to provide support and advice from the first stages of the assessment, through the diagnostic process and throughout your contact with our service.

Studies appear to show that being female provides some protection from developing autism.

Jennifer and Sarah were to be observed while playing with blocks, then they’d participate in word-association games.

Sarah was diagnosed with autism several years ago, but her sister wasn’t.

The Rosses are one of 3,000 families enrolled in the Autism Sisters Project, a long-term study of families with at least one child who has autism and at least one female sibling who does not.

What this means is girls have a higher genetic threshold before developing the disorder.

Girls need more mutations “to actually pass that boundary to autism traits,” says Joseph Buxbaum, director of the Seaver Center.

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Buxbaum, who is helping lead the Autism Sister Project, says it will be one of the first that not only pinpoints risks for autism but also identifies protective factors.

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