Benefits of dating a flight attendant who is missi pyle dating

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Example: even if you are a computer guru you will never see an IT department opportunities open for you.

ALL red-blooded American men dreamed for years of dating a flight attendant. I then was rather surprised that the glamorous life we were led to believe didn’t really exist.

Pros- Cheap tickets for self and family.- Good free travel opportunity as a cabin crew.- Best airline to work for among all other Middle Eastern Carriers.- Lots of desperate single colleagues makes dating and relating easy for singles- It's OK to be rude to customers, promotions are strictly based on attendance- Most seniors and pursers are not educated beyond high school, it is easy to trick them, do almost nothing during your working hours and enjoy the same pay. Its Dubai law, it says "ruler is always right" and company belongs to the ruler.

Cons- Bad style of life for family person- Most layovers, with few exceptions, are only 24 hours, after 8 hours of duty ( sometimes more) its hard to enjoy the location.- 75% of all Emirates customers are illiterate, 20% don't know how to use the toilet ( not the aircraft LAV, but home toilet)- 50% of customers are rude and 10% get drunk on selected flights making task of managing it impossible, no liquor consumptions laws are enforced by the company.- Senior Crew do not develop themselves beyond 10-years old 1 week leadership training and it affects whole working environment.- Management cannot decide on the performance management system- Your promotions are based on your attendance - wanna rich high? If you go far and beyond expectations you may get a cool paper but no money and no promotion or transfer options.- Company does not press charges against customers if they are sexually abusive, overly rude and disruptive, intoxicated and behave inappropriately, if they make racial or sexual remarks, you will have to tolerate this, 2% of customers are like this. He needs 120 bn $ debt to pay so he cant refuse carrying any customer.- Once you are a cabin crew, your career progression is limited to in-flight services department.

The night before a trip, gosh forbid their partner turn on the TV…they need their rest…forget romance that night either.

Advice to Management Stop hiring people that are inexperienced, unprofessional and uneducated.

Jet Blue hires people that other supervisors are dating, sleeping with, or related to. At times, lack of proper and consistent accountability leads to frustration within work groups and creates an "us against them" mentality.

Its a multicultural organization so here you are able to learn about different cultures which is a plus.

The discounted tickets are good during vacation use as you are able to travel cheaply and also you get to see different destinations freely when you go during your layovers.

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Instead they are working at removing the fixed smile, have been talking all day, can’t really have a drink to relax, and basically want to be alone, probably catching a sports event on TV.

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