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Federal workers then peruse their profiles, which are ranked based on the applicant’s chance of economic success and integration.Though it doesn’t use a matchmaking algorithm, the system does award the most points to those it considers the best candidates.As the United States grapples with the fate of millions of undocumented immigrants following this week’s Supreme Court decision, Canada is making an aggressive push to attract the best and brightest workers from across the globe.

It’s a tool that basically throws away the traditional, first-come-first-serve model that Canada—and the United States—has long followed.

People get points if they already have a job offer.

They can also rack up points depending on how well they speak English and French, whether or not they are young, and whether or not they have work experience in a high-demand field.

The focus on family-based immigration, versus economic immigration, stems from the federal government’s hands-off approach to labor market policy, says James Witte, executive director of the Institute for Immigration Research at George Mason University.“The idea is so foreign to the United States,” says Witte.

“There is a disconnect, because labor market policy is usually handled by local and state governments.”The United States has generally handled foreign-labor demand through temporary visas and guest-worker programs.

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