Bjork dating history

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Bjork dating history

During the same year she also graduated from music school." in Icelandic), and released EP Bitið fast í vitið ("Bite Hard Into Hell" in Icelandic), in August 1982. The group was featured in the documentary Rokk í Reykjavík, with Björk being featured on the cover of the VHS release.

Around this time the singer met guitarist Þór Eldon and surrealist group Medusa, which also included poet Sjón, with whom she started a lifelong collaboration and formed a small group called Rokka Rokka Drum.

Special Forces took on the look "in a powerful expression of esprit de corps." Years later, punks in 1970s London adopted the style and dyed it in a rainbow of day-glo colors as an in-your-face fuck-you to the mainstream.

Their first big performance was at a festival in Iceland which was headlined by English anarchist punk band Crass, whose record label, Crass Records offered the band a record deal.

The Eye was released in 1984 and was followed by a two-month tour in Europe, which also included a performance at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, making Kukl the first Icelandic band to play at the festival.

The document continues: 'Bjork's self-focused mindset .

"Quite surprising, then, that it took another 300 years to invent peroxide," quips Phillipon.

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Phillipon does just that, chronicling the history of every 'do imaginable, from the Mohawk to the conk to Farrah’s feathery layers.

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