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Take your heart of of it, and your head will make a better choice Hmm..never saw this blogg bdfore but as you all know I am legally blind..yes, years ago a blind gentleman wanted to date me...but, surprized when I told him " does your wife know how you are? twenty years down the road when that person does not behave like a sighted person, for example does not compliment your looks, or needs you constant help to perform tasks that are easy for the sighted do not complain. Luke For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? Blind or sighted, relationships are difficult to make work. While staying in a nursing home I was introduced to a blind lady blind from birth. My best friend died at the age of 92 a few years ago. If you are up for a challenge, I would give the green light and say... Hi, I know deafness isn't the same as blindness but I'm 70% deaf without my aid on and I'm sure glad my husband didn't consider whether or not he should love me "inspite of" my disability! I distinctly remember that she was very very smart. We went to hear the Boston Pops symphony orchestra performance.Some of my hobbies are: photography, dancing, movies, occasional shopping and spending time with my friends and family but lost them and i am left all alone. In her e Harmony and Ok Cupid profiles, Tiffany Jolliff notes that she obsessively listens to the “Hamilton” soundtrack, loves karaoke and can make almost anyone laugh.If it be the LORD's will,then may i also be willing... Before you date anyone with a permanent disability, count the cost.---kevin5443 on 2/20/11 LOL LOL that is esactly the kinda thinking that produces divorce, loneliness, and depression Marriage with two able body people have enough obstacles to overcome, COUNT THE COST before you take on any disabled person Nothing in the entire bible says that one has to enter marriage BASED on emotions. It is very easy to say that you are in love with a blind person today.

First of all, I consider myself as a life time student.But Jolliff leaves out one detail that is part of her daily life: She’s blind.“It’s usually in between our initial contact and our first date that I tell them,” Jolliff says.For instance I have strong lust to live and I have... I am energetic and tolerant, feminine and with good sense of humor. I am a fun, out-going, intelligent, open-minded woman who enjoys dancing and having a good time.

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“I want the ‘deeper’ connection that sites like e Harmony and to an extent, Ok Cupid, can bring,” Jolliff says.