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She posted online: 'In an intense and stressful moment, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and said some insulting and regrettable things.

As frustrated as I was, I should always choose to be respectful and take the high road.

At the end of the day, and hopefully a very long career, I want to emulate women like Hannah Storm, Robin Roberts, Suzy Kolber, Wendi Nix. But they’ve proven themselves as credible journalists and empowered business women. It is absolutely difficult to host a show when the prompter goes down, segments get cut, guests are sitting next to you, and you have to quarterback the whole situation.

The goal is to have somebody watch my reports and enjoy the substance. It’s also very challenging to ad lib and come across smoothly on camera if things break down in the field. Instead, I follow all my favorite writers and publications which span a variety of topics.

It was intended in jest as part of the “throwback” trend on social media and to engage with viewers.

But, the picture came from Wilhelmina, whom I included in the tweet.

The allure of prom was always the stuff leading up to it, not the actual dance. P.: , and I have to ask: When do we, as a profession, say, “We’re done glorifying a sport that is destroying people? • The world needs to know: What was it like being soccer teammates with Brittany Jones? To this day, she’s the most naturally gifted athlete I’ve ever seen. • When you hear “Reggie Jackson,” do you first think of the Yankee slugger, the Thunder guard or my third grade classmate? Technically, I never truly started, there were contractual issues. Her pedigree (Stetson University soccer player; Northwestern masters in journalism) backs it up. How was that for you as a kid, being taller than boys? Ironically, I was the shortest on every roster for a long time. I was skinny, gawky, and had big feet before I grew into them; oh, and don’t forget the braces. Thanks to Wilhelmina, I never had to work another day at the T-Shirt and Sandal Factory Outlet in Key Largo or enlist in another real “character building” summer job, much to my parent’s chagrin. You’ve had a crazy fast rise—you’re 28, holding a prime position at ESPN. But I’m sure many aspiring TV journalists would love to hear the path. M.: Honestly, until about the age of 18, I wanted to be the next Mia Hamm. I was an English major and thought I’d go to law school. She asks strong questions, without merely nodding robot-like at the answers. She insists she’s not in this for fame or endorsement, but because she loves sports and loves journalism. BRITT MCHENRY: I played a lot of sports as kid, predominantly soccer. It benefited me in athletics and afforded me an opportunity to work with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in college. I mean, I know you’re a New Jersey kid, know you played college soccer at Stetson. But, I was never one of those people who dreamt about being on television.That particular insult is actually a compliment (in a weird Twitter sort of way). It doesn’t matter if you have 20 perfect hits, viewers will harp on the one that’s not. If I pronounce a name wrong every now and then, so be it; just don’t make it frequent (and pray it’s not recorded). Do I wish I had a thicker skin handling inappropriate comments on social media? In a Utopian world, we would all have enough professionalism and respect for one another to avoid such behavior. For example, a local Philadelphia anchor, whom I had never even met before, tweeted a response to a picture I recently posted that read, “Crazy how modest you are.” The picture was of me as a teenager wearing a polo and pigtails.It was hardly meant to brag; if anything I was poking fun at myself.

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” I mean, it just feels so meaningless and inconsequential. I’ve found it can be dangerous to get too involved in subjects like Ferguson because I’m not covering it, nor am I completely knowledgeable about everything that’s happening. While flattering, it doesn’t matter if your name trends on Twitter or a thousand people follow you because that’s not tangible love or affection. Having the opportunity to start at the network so young has taught me that crucial lesson early. Now, do I like using the platform to help certain non-profits? QUAZ EXPRESS WITH BRITT MCHENRY: • Tell me three things about your dad: He’s incredibly intelligent, a retired Air Force Lt.

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