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The first article mentioned referred to the avoidance of eye contact during a "devil's threeway" (which is simultaneously seconded by Franklin and Washington).In Barney describes a different origin story for the Bro Code, which is where Broses establishes Article 1 of the Bro Code, "Bros before ho's".All of the above articles are mentioned in the published version, although most have different numbers.The book contains 150 articles, a glossary of terms, definition of a bro, history of the code, amendments, violations, and approved punishments.If you feel like your guy is violating this rule, ditch that dude. Bros don’t judge other bros for their hook-ups — but they do prevent bad situations Don’t worry that you’ll be judged by the friends of the bro with whom you’re involved.“Additionally, bros shall never make a bro feel entirely ashamed for hooking up with a girl,” Daniel says.Daniel says, “One large sentiment from the Bro Code towards girls is how a Bro will treat another Bro’s female family members.

Even if you don’t want to know every little detail about it, you do need to know how Bro Code affects you and how you can use your knowledge of it to navigate the college dating scene—especially when your social circle means that your ex, your best guy friend and the guy you’re interested are all in on the Code. “Bro Code is not a guideline per se, but a warning on how not to act.

He said that you shouldn’t feel like guys will say anything mean or unfair about you. “It’s a terrible scenario for the lady included and could have horrible outcomes.” Bros traditionally do not interfere with another bro’s decisions about girls they involve a potentially bad decision.

However, a bro will stop a fellow bro from making a bad decision in the future. You should know that, to some degree, your guy’s bros will look out for him and know when he should and shouldn’t call you.

Washington remarked there was no rule against it and Franklin insisted that there should be.

Barnabus Stinson stepped in and offered to write this collection of rules when Washington and Franklin each said they were too busy.

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Above all, it’s pretty simple: Don't be an a**hole, and don't be selfish and ignore your fellow bros.” Though some rules of Bro Code apply to most bro groups, your guy friends may have other specific rules.