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The recommendations made below will help you to preserve your complication watch for many years to come, with all its accuracy, regularity of rate and authenticity.We hope this video will help you figure out how to set the date and time on your Cartier Tank Chronograph watch w/ quartz movement.Due to his success he decided to move to a new establishment in the Rue Neuve-des-Petits-Champs, and then to the Boulevard des Italiens.Paris was in the whirlwind of festivities and luxury which characterized the Second Empire.After the First World War, Louis, with innate intuition, predicted the manners of a reborn woman during the period known "La Belle époque".Soon, the international elite returned to the salons in the Rue de la Paix, New Bond Street, and the Fifth Avenue.The accessory timepiece became one of the predominant forms of the activity and prestige of Cartier.Quite early, Cartier took an interest in watchmaking.

This success was to be followed by other models such as the Tonneau watch (1906) and the Tortue watch (1912).

By that date, Louis Cartier had begun the exclusive production of the first wristwatches at his establishment in Paris helped by Edmond Jaeger.

The third Maison Cartier, for which Pierre-Camille, the second son, was responsible, was founded in New York in 1909, moving to its current location of 653 Fifth Avenue in 1917.

The video cut off before we could show you how to set the minutes, but we will attempt to explain here…

To set the date: -Pull the crown out one click -Twist the crown forward (quickly) for a few seconds. -When the desired date and time is reached, push the crown back in place – or turn the crown again to stop it.

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It was not long before a large number of fob and chatelaine watches appeared.