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Cast of 10 rules for dating my daughter

I was curious to see what their next steps would be, so I stopped by the Satellite last weekend with my friend Lauren to ask them a few questions before their LA show.As I walked in, I could tell they were tired but being good sports about it—Eoin informed us that he was resting his voice, so Rory would answer any questions we had for them. San Francisco was pretty cool because we have some friends who live up there.I’m still having fun though, it’s good not to drink sometimes. We don’t have a lot of things thrown onstage but we did get a free Johnny Cash t-shirt once. Did you get into a lot of trouble when you were growing up as a kid?

Don’t talk with food in your mouth, nor chew with your mouth open.

How do you feel about music distribution via the Internet?

I don’t mind it, I think if people can listen to it and it’s spread that way then it’s fine.

My grandpa was around watching it and was like “yeah this is interesting” and my parents were like “yeah this is kinda interesting,” my brother was off doing something else.

In Britain it was really in your face like It’s GONNA HAPPEN!

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Yeah there’s this German guy, Kim Dotcom, whose set up a new music site called Megaupload that lets you stream free music. We don’t really have any, we just kind of warm up and listen to fast music. Your first album had a lot of angst and frustration. Are you drawing from people, places, personal experiences or a culturally imposed idea of rock music? And then we played what we thought would be our last show for awhile, because Eoin was going up to university and then this guy came up to us and said, “Hey you should come record with my friends” and we did, and those were some of the first tracks on our album.