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dont invest too much into online dating, it is hard especially if you find someone who does not live close by, if you do find someone through one of these sites meet the person sooner than later, having a long drawn out relationship online is not healthy by any means, and you wont truely know the person until you meet face to face, and even then you are still taking a shot in the dark because one still needs to build trust in real life.I would change the title of online dating to more like online socializing or ice breaking, I have not had any success with these dating sites either, match,eharmony,catholic mingle, and also free one, either my town is too small, or the ones i was interested in lived states away.I totally agree with what you're saying on if God wants you married, He'll bring you and that person together and you'll know it, that's what I've always prayed about and all my older sisters knew when they met their now-husbands that he was the right one.I've always thought that if you ask God for guidence with jobs, finances, or vocation to religious life, why not ask for and trust in guidence for marrying the right person?

That the idea of meeting your fiance(e) online is a little bit odd?I’d just like a few answers to see what everyone thinks. I am very thankful that one of my best friends talked me into registering (and I’m sure that my son, once he’s old enough to understand, will be eternally grateful). If you were to make a list of your ideal spouse, there would be some things that would be common - height, hair color, etc. The key thing is to remember that exchanging a few emails is not a relationship, certainly not an exclusive relationship. I also was adament about not treating people I might feel attracted to differently than I would treat other people.There was a time when my mug was in the rotation on the Catholicmatch front page (along with my wife’s) as a success story. And go to any social events in your area, or even out of state if you can afford it. As such, if I really wanted to pay attention to someone more because I'd liked them, I'd ask myself if I'd do it if I didn't like them. I did sign up for avemariasingles because it had a one time membership fee.I'd just like a few answers to see what everyone thinks.[/quote] I tried the free ones (could not afford the ones with a fee), got absolutely nothing, no interest, nothing.

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