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In the real world, couples pick up on non-verbal communication and evaluate little habits and routines that can bring new depths of excitement and appreciation to a relationship.

Of course, these interactions can sometimes be tedious or awkward. But cyber fantasies can never match the rewards of real life relationships.

I remember becoming an email junkie when I first went online in college.

Too often I had stumbled through face-to-face conversations with girls I was eager to impress.

But after that season is over, what most people want is someone who will love them for who they really are.

Especially when they're not at their best — when they're throwing up, when they have morning breath, or when they've just tripped up a flight of stairs.

"Without a full picture of who someone really is, it's easy to use your imagination to fill in the gaps," says Jonathan Bolton. When Jonathan was a freshman at Colorado State University, he plugged in to his dorm's Internet service to explore the chat room scene.

Jonathan shared updates of his virtual liaison with his friends. The picture reminded me just how little I knew about this person. And that's the dangerous part about online relationships — 99% of the relationship is developed on fantasy — there's no accountability or integrity." Jonathan got out of the relationship without too many problems ... "I ended up with such a big phone bill, I had to get a job in the college cafeteria.

The big news he shared was that he was going to trade pictures with this girl. It was a real waste of time and money." Making Time For Strangers Rebecca Antonek, a senior at Purdue University, says that losing time was the most substantial problem in her friend's online relationship.

Finally, I had the opportunity to plan my comments, to come up with ideas that I thought were humorous and notable.

I could even edit the words that were poorly chosen — a tool I wish had been available for a number of real-life encounters. Trying to type quickly and cleverly was a little challenging at first, but it was still easier to handle than the high-jinx of face-to-face conversations.

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She thought, at times, about telling the man that she was still in college, but didn't want to sound immature.

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