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So when I first saw a computer, I thought, "Great, this is the answer.I just have to wait for this technology to get cheap enough that it gets into homes." CNBC: So you knew when you saw a computer that you could do that? When I first saw a computer, I knew, this was the answer for me.When I was a kid, obviously, we’re, we’re all trying to make our way in the world. And I love to use games as a way of connecting with other people.So I’ve just been on this journey my whole life using games as the grist for the mill help all of my social connections work.People feel like they have to be the computer, and that’s not really what they’re there for. TRIP HAWKINS: By the time I saw a computer I was about, 16 or 17, and I already knew I wanted to make games and do that as a profession.And I was just struggling with the media at that time because there were no computers.This is a great way to learn," and when I first saw a computer I thought, "Hey, that’ s perfect because you can put all the machinery inside out of view, and give people interesting experiences without having to do that much heavy lifting." CNBC: How do you feel about non-computer games?TRIP HAWKINS: The thing about being human is that we’re built to play.

And if you do it by hand, and a good example would be Dungeons and Dragons, or war games, it’s really just too much work for most people to play. And when I saw a computer I realized that we could actually put the work inside the machine, and on the screen, we could make a picture of what we wanted you to interact with. CNBC: How old were you when you saw your first computer, and did you know you were having a big thought when you realized this?

I remember when I got a board game, and it had dice.

I studied the dice, and I realized, "Wow, there was more ways to roll a seven, than to roll a 12," and, "Hey, that means the probability is different," and I started breaking it down and essentially figured out how probability theory works on my own.

And of course now I have four kids that are at different ages, so when we want to play, boy, we just got a fantastic set of choices.

CNBC: When you saw your first computer, you made some connection.


All mammals are, and we’ve got this huge limbic brain. You can pretty much learn about any topic you want in that format.