Cheap dating ideas london

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The University of Westminster offers evening language courses throughout the summer for cheap and affordable prices. Scoff your way through these outstanding tasting chocolates. Pottery and creative evenings Head to Hackney City Farm for their evening pottery classes.It is a great way to spend an evening and regardless of your pottery ability, you can walk away with a deformed wonky vase for your coffee table. Market trip Take a trip to the gourmet paradise of London with a trip to Borough market where you can sample together anything from street food to an array of delicious baked treats and desserts. Not all dates have to come at a price and often the simpler things in life are what pleasure us the most. Spa Days Escape the hustle and bustle of every day life and visit some of London’s most tranquil spa locations for the mother of all luxury and relaxation.Good job our fantastic first date ideas are packed full of tasty, laid-back, fun choices that will ease your initial meet up.Whether you're getting the ball rolling at an ice cream shack or over afternoon tea, prove that London dating can be awkward-free from the very first date.Or if you're unlike me and have their priorities straight that's a few more things to eat and very very cheap wine.

A perfect date where Hollywood brings its undeniable glamour to the heart of our West End. Stargazing Discover the endless beauty of our wonderful night sky and solar system with stargazing at one of the National Trust locations.Or head to Hever castle for its delicious afternoon tea and its challenging mazes. Visit the Zoo Bring out your wild side and make your way to London Zoo, the world’s oldest scientific zoo.With history tours coming up and a jungle full of adorable animals, this date is hard to beat.It's just £5 for a membership and you can see movies, listen to music and get a coffee or tea. Grab a tenner, head to the local supermarket and grab yourselves a tonne of shit.We know pints are a kind of common date idea, but a pint outside. Why, because it's London and people don't have pints outside because the sun doesn't visit often. If you budget correctly that's roughly 2 sandwiches and a bottle of wine.

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Try 69 Colebrooke Row, which is overseen by Tony Conigliaro, who is considered to be one of London’s top cocktail experts so you’ll taste from the best.