Checksum mismatch while updating svn delta source ended unexpectedly

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Checksum mismatch while updating svn delta source ended unexpectedly

Before applying the hotfix, please first upgrade your Ahsay OBS/RPS/OBM/ACB to the latest patch v6.7.0.0.Hotfix can be downloaded here: Please note that this Ahsay OBS hot fix doesn't contain the latest hot fixes of Ahsay ACB and Ahsay OBM in the auto upgrade deployment files in the "live Update" directory inside the zip file.This avoids a warning when building a Ghostscript only release archive. I'd mistakenly overflown the buffers in the linux case.Update dates versions in docs etc doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/Details8doc/Details9doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/History1doc/History2doc/History3doc/History4doc/History5doc/History6doc/History7doc/History8doc/History9doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/doc/Ps2doc/doc/doc/doc/Saved doc/doc/doc/doc/Vector doc/What Is doc/doc/doc/man/dvipdf.1 man/font2c.1 man/gs.1 man/gslp.1 man/gsnd.1 man/pdf2dsc.1 man/pdf2ps.1 man/pf2afm.1 man/pfbtopfa.1 man/printafm.1 man/ps2ascii.1 man/ps2epsi.1 man/ps2pdf.1 man/ps2pdfwr.1 man/ps2ps.1 man/wftopfa.1 psi/psi/Bug 696640: Fix stack overflow in memento. While we're fixing that, improve the code to require less copying. The fix for windows builds broke linux due to -DMEMENTO being in CFLAGS on windows, and GENOPT on configured builds.* ignore.d.server/ntop: - ignore warnings about truncated packets.

base/Revert change to mswinpr2 device from commit 5cf300b This caused us to ignore the printer specified by -s%printer%___ and always use the default printer if Query User was not specified devices/gdevwpr2.c Always have configure set gpcl6 and gxps exe names But still skip adding them to the targets list if the source is not available.- "success resolving [...] after reducing advertized EDNS UDP packet size" - "success resolving [...] after disabling EDNS" - "error (connection refused) resolving [...]" - "error (unexpected RCODE REFUSED) resolving [...]" - "error (unexpected RCODE SERVFAIL) resolving [...]" -- Loic Minier logcheck (1.3.13) unstable; urgency=low * ignore.d.server/pure-ftpd: - fixed user name pattern in logout message, thanks to Simon Breuss (LP: #619119) * violations.ignore.d/logcheck-sudo: - match COMMAND=list and TTY=console, thanks to Michel Messerschmidt for the patch (closes: #593482) * ignore.d.server/amavisd-new: - applied changes by Christian Dröge (closes: #594605): - IPv6 support for IP addresses - allow PASSED SPAM in log - optional minus sign after "Hits:" - optional quarantine in log line - optional Message-ID logcheck (1.3.9) unstable; urgency=low [ Hannes von Haugwitz ] * ignore.d.workstation/kernel: - adjusted rule to ignore more "usb-storage" messages - made ' AP ' optional in "wlan" message * src/logcheck-test: - fixed spelling error * debian/control: - added DM-Upload-Allowed field * ignore.d.workstation/wpasupplicant: - match more frequencies in ' Trying to associate' message * ignore.d.server/bind: - added rules to match bind's new syslog line format - adjusted rule to also match 'network unreachable' error, thanks to Bob Proulx (closes: #582060) * ignore.d.workstation/laptop-mode-tools: new - added rule for some laptop-mode info messages [ Hanspeter Kunz ] * ignore.d.server/dovecot: - sieve: msgids might be followed by "(added by ...)" [ martin f.krafft ] * ignore.d.server/postfix: - fix rule to match greylisting notices.* ignore.d.server/git-daemon: - ignore warnings on access to nonexistent git repository.* ignore.d.server/kernel: - ignore message about kernel logging (proc) being stopped.

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-- Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync logcheck (1.3.8) unstable; urgency=low [ Hannes von Haugwitz ] * src/logcheck-test: - removed useless trap signal 16 * ignore.d.workstation/wpasupplicant: - allow '_' in id_str of CTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED message - added rules for wpa_action messages * ignore.d.workstation/kernel: - "Mode Sense" is hexadecimal, not just decimal - ignore "usb-storage" message * ignore.d.server/kernel: - ignore "using internal journal" message - adjusted rule to match EXT3-fs and writeback data mode * ignore.d.server/bind: - added rule to ignore "success resolving" messages * ignore.d.server/nfs: - allow '_', '-' and '.' in mount path, thanks to G.

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