Consolidating files cubase

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Consolidating files cubase

While this is harmless (only one Monitor Mode instance ever runs per-user at a time), you can fix it by disabling Monitor Mode for the current user.

(See below.) Enabling/disabling Monitor Mode for a single user: If you'd prefer to only have the Monitor Mode icon active on a per-user basis, or if you'd like to disable the single-user Monitor Mode from a previous version of GWX Control Panel, just choose the Enable/disable Monitor Mode for current user option in the program's system menu (accessible by clicking the icon in the upper-left corner of the program window).

To disable Monitor Mode, just click the Disable Monitor Mode button.Under normal circumstances (when launching GWX Control Panel from one of the desktop or Start menu shortcuts, or when it loads in Monitor Mode), GWX Control Panel behaves the same for all Windows user account types: It doesn't need administrator permissions when it's just checking your current settings (Monitor Mode never needs administrator permissions).Things get a little more complicated once you attempt to use GWX Control Panel for a system-level change that requires administrator permissions.If you are using an administrator account and User Account Control (UAC) is , GWX Control Panel will silently grant itself administrator permissions and perform the action you requested.If you are using a Standard or Child account and try to use a GWX Control Panel feature that requires administrator access, Windows prompts you to enter the password of an administrator account.

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Enabling/Disabling Monitor Mode for all users (recommended): If your computer has multiple user profiles- and especially if some of those profiles are Standard or Child accounts- the best way to use Monitor Mode is to enable it for all users.