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Consolidating school districts kansas

Three hugely controversial bills will dominate the Kansas House Education Committee starting Monday afternoon with the crescendo building to Wednesday.

That's when legislators will debate a measure that would consolidate school districts in the state, cutting the number by more than half.

Shawnee Mission enjoyed a national reputation and was declared one of the 38 best high schools in America by Newsweek Magazine in 1958.

Still, the desire for autonomy was strong, so the first consolidation plan was voted down in 1964 by a two-to-one margin.

There are several reasons for this: empirical studies of consolidation employ different analytical approaches to data; older data in some studies yield results that may not be representative of current district conditions; studies do not uniformly separate costs related to merging only a narrow range of district services from costs related to merging entire districts or combining schools; different studies focus on different costs or estimate costs in different ways; and much of the literature consists of advocacy.

Unfortunately, research on consolidation does not offer definitive guidance for making such decisions.

It discusses issues of presumed benefits of consolidation: fiscal efficiency and higher educational quality.

The evidence detailed in this brief suggests that “a century of consolidation has already produced most of the efficiencies obtainable” and that poor regions benefit from smaller schools and districts.

The Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Reference Desk is a service provided by a collaborative of the REL program, funded by the U. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES).

This response was prepared under a contract with IES, Contract ED-06-CO-0016, by REL Northwest administered by Education Northwest.

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This is just the latest ruckus kicked up in Kansas over school district consolidation.

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