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It’s disgusting to know that the women doing so much for us still get the short end of the stick in our own movement. And we cannot do better by upholding harmful Hotep ideologies.

The sooner we actually “awaken ourselves” to the fact that feminists are not “bed wenches,” that homosexuality was present in Africa before the White man arrived, that having natural hair doesn’t mean a woman wants to be Angela Davis, and that the ankh symbol isn’t our savior; the sooner we can conquer problems like police brutality with better harmony.

Some men from other races may attempt to fetishize you.

Don’t be afraid to be forward with questions about why a potential date is interested. Don’t feel judged if your partner isn’t quite equally woke– there’s time.

I, for one, am all for learning about what goes on in the “back stage” of our most powerful institutions. However, though this impact is wide reaching, it is in no way beneficial to the growth of Black consciousness.

They also have very few experiences with patriarchy/sexism and tend to minimize our struggles. Your date’s strengths may shine in these novel spaces. Avoid having sharp objects in your hands during difficult discussions. Some of the things dude’s say will drive you almost to insanity.This dynamic is true for the Black liberation movement as well.In the land of the free and home of the brave, many will learn that, beyond the surface, many are not allowed to be neither free nor brave. Claiming to be the most conscious brothers and sisters out there, the Hotep community has a large membership body – and an even larger impact on Black thought.There are 54 beautifully diverse countries in Africa, yet every single one of our ancestors was a king or queen of Egypt? We don’t have to have descended from royalty to be great, and whoever thinks otherwise is just as bad as a white supremacist. The uprisings in Ferguson where people were putting their lives on the line making sure the world didn’t forget about Michael Brown?In the fight for validation of Black lives in this country and worldwide, there’s no question that Black women play a pivotal role. Many Black women were and still are on the front lines.

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It’s never surprising to me when Black women get left out of something, purposely or unintentionally.