Current dating trends

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Current dating trends

This is where benching comes into play; instead of going for either of the two former rash options, you simply place the date in your mental 'maybe' folder - 'bench them' as they say in the sporting world - and scout around to see what's out enough to keep them hanging on, without having to put a ton of effort in.

Talk about game-playing."Benchers will tell you that their behavior is a way to put a relationship on hold, to hit pause before deciding how they really want to play it," Chen explains.

Basically, roaching occurs when you've begun to really vibe with a person and all of a sudden they casually let it slip that they're seeing other people and naturally, it catches you off-guard. Do you have to start second guessing every girl you're interested in?

Ask Men writes: "Roaching is the name we're giving to this dating trend — because, as the adage goes, when you see one cockroach, there are many more you don't see.

Not just for sexual health reasons — although that's super important too — but also simply out of common courtesy.

If they're roaching you — that is, going on dates, hooking up with people or spending time having flirtatious conversations with other people without telling you — that's cutting into their schedule and that's time they can't spend with you.

No, it's not throwing a white sheet over your head and jumping our at your housemate (though that would be more fun, tbh).Wow, I have just typed the word bench more times in this past half hour than I ever have in my life. If your relationship is absent on social media, you might have a problem.You don't want to find yourself investing time in a lady who has a roster of other dudes!Sure, there's nothing wrong with casual hookups, but the moment you become emotionally invested is the moment you have the potential to get your heart broken (yes, men have hearts too..don't worry, we won't tell anyone).

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