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13 years ago today I married the funniest guy I could find. He’s the only person on the planet that can make me laugh when I am furious.And the one that happens to be a big softy, even though he doesn’t openly admit it.However, during certain times of the year, the dinner cruises are designed for simply enjoying the beautiful scenery.For example, during the fall when the leaves are turning or in the spring when everything is in bloom a scenic boat tour is most applicable.If you have moved away from those locations or they are out of business, at least eat the same type of food you ordered on the special night you are attempting to recreate.The idea is to reconstruct the magical moment when your love was birthed.Everyone agrees a marriage is well worth celebrating, which is why you had a wedding extravaganza in the first place.Therefore, just as your original wedding day was worthy of attention and admiration, your anniversaries in the subsequent years should be celebrated that much more.

He’s pretty impatient and said he was tempted to open them all at once but actually held out and waited until the 8 of every hour.

Where and how you choose to do that exactly is inconsequential, but you just might get to have sex on the first date — again!

Another great first anniversary idea is a hot-air balloon ride. The setting allows you and your honey to float through the skies while enjoying the view and each other’s company.

Of course, to enjoy said scenery, you might have to forgo dinner in favor of a lunch cruise in order to have enough daylight to enjoy the view.

This first anniversary idea is similar to the weekend getaway, but it goes a step further.

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If you can revisit your honeymoon destination, even if it’s only for the weekend, this can make the short trip that much more special.