Dating a quadriplegic man

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Dating a quadriplegic man

He taught electronics and math to soldiers at nearby Fort Riley to help finance his own schooling.

After completing his thesis, Wiechert accepted a position with Whirlpool in Michigan, heading up projects in the dryer division.

Soon his business expanded to designing and building machines that would tool and sand shower/tub inserts and doors for houses.

The process of obtaining new jobs was quite simple: a customer would contact Wiechert with a task that had to be performed, and he would design a machine to get it done – without the aid of humans.

It’s the electrodes placed on saline-dampened sponges attached to the prisoner’s head and leg that do the business.

After designing the electrodes and control panel, Wiechert gave the state a quote, and says he was selected over the one other fellow who submitted a bid because he held his professional engineer’s license.

For at least the past quarter-century, he has been the only person in America doing this work.

Influenced by two engineer uncles, Wiechert later attended Kansas State University, earning his Bachelor’s and then his Master’s in electrical engineering.“Back in the ’70s, the state of Arkansas couldn’t find anybody to build an electric chair,” Wiechert said – a state of affairs with parallels to the difficulty states have obtaining the lethal injection cocktail these days. He found one extremely helpful book, written by an executioner.Most people don’t realize that the electric chair isn’t a chair at all – the condemned can sit anywhere.Wiechert testified that the electric chair was not cruel and unusual, but more than that, he believed that none of the current execution methods were. Never.” Instead, he preferred to focus on the work he called his “do-gooder jobs”: He contrived a machine that enabled a quadriplegic woman to cut cables in a factory and he created and donated Fort Smith’s Creekmore Park train, a miniature locomotive well-loved by locals.“I think most of the ways that we’ve used the last 150 years have been okay,” he said. And if it’s not botched, there’s nothing wrong with lethal injection. Others knew Wiechert for his casual men’s group; the members would hike, ride horses, and float Arkansas’s legendary Buffalo River (after which they named themselves “The Buffalo Buzzards”).

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“The first year, it made one and a quarter million dollars.” In return for the sensor’s design, the Whirlpool Corporation paid him $1. “It belongs to the corporation because one person doesn’t do everything. There’s a lot of people involved.” In 1973, Wiechert left corporate America to start his own engineering business.