Dating activities in singapore

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Dating activities in singapore

Get rid of those Monday blues together over a pint of Irish beer and some good laughs at here).The best part about these kites is that they are 100% remote-controlled and designed to beat even the strongest of winds, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself with failed attempts at making your kite soar.Young lovers can’t afford it, and married couples have a mortgage to pay and kids to feed, right?Hey, the way to your other half’s heart is through his/her stomach, right?After all that hard work, head for a relaxing seaside dinner at one of ECP’s many restaurants and bars, or bond over a BBQ at one of the public pits along ECP’s 15km stretch of beach.Laughter is the best medicine, and while not all of us are naturals at telling a good joke, you can still tickle your date’s funny bone at a stand-up comedy show.Our neighbourhood guides include not just yummy food haunts of the area but also things to do and places to shop – keeping you and your date occupied for an entire evening!

It’s also the only branch to offer carriage rides if neither of you are comfortable behind the reins, or if you just want to get cozy in the back and chat while enjoying the scenery.While this classy restaurant is romantic enough on its own, letting your imagination run wild on canvas with an unlimited supply of colourful paints adds a fun element to keep your date intimate-but-casual.Plus, you get a complimentary beverage from their huge selection of fruit, floral and ginger teas and 30 speciality cocktails, which will certainly get you two chatting about your artwork and about each other.While Singapore may not have any vineyards, there are plenty of wine bars and wine tasting events here to keep your glasses full.The trick is to keep it casual-but-fun and avoid pretentious places where they shame you for not knowing the difference between a barolo and a brunello.

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Did you know that when you become a Gallery Insider member (at an annual fee of S$30), you get to enjoy special privileges such as unlimited free entry to all exhibitions — such as the current Yayoi Kusama show which is on until September 3 — priority booking and discounts on shopping and dining? More information Make a date with the adorable monkeys and elegant giraffes at the Singapore Zoo.

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