Dating bruises in the elderly forensics

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Dating bruises in the elderly forensics

It indicates time period approximately 12 hours 3-4 days.

A solid stick bruise is limited to the convexity of the body surface (remember that a soft body part such as a buttock will mould and flatten.Pigments may spread closer to the overlying translucent skin thus becoming visible on the surface a few days after injury.Skin has greater elastic limit than underlying fat and blood vessels making subcutaneous bruising more common than skin laceration.Degree of force cannot be accurately deduced from the size of a bruise.Although heavy impact will generally cause a large bruise, severity of bruising depends on:depends on adequacy of lymphatic and venous drainage, size and depth of bruise, anatomical site, age of person (v.

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A tangential impact is typical for grazes or scratches (may reflect direction of an impact)The surface of fresh abrasion is bright whether pink-red, moist and its bottom settles down below the level of the intact skin.

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