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I recently discovered I have something in common with Napoleon … Used to decorate helmets, military sword handles, and breast plates, it also adorned vases and dishes … Napoleon was so taken by the beauty of cameos that he not only wore and collected them, he also started a school in Paris to train young carvers. First appearing around the time of Alexander the Great, the cameo’s wave of popularity has continued all these centuries. The top layer of a material is cut away, exposing the different colored layer beneath from which the subject is carved.

They’re becoming popular again today, and, of course, that means a rise in prices — and fakes!

Originally made from hardstones, such as agate, onyx, and sardonyx, cameos were limited to the very wealthy.

Shells became the next major source, as well as coral, malachite, emeralds, and glass paste.

Victorians were sentimental and cupids became subjects for their loving feelings.

Those for the dead had somber faced cupids leaning against a column or urn.

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The diversity and creativity of cameo work is clearly evident in the fine detailing and intricate carving of the cameos seen here.

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