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It also indicates that they’d prefer to be friends or really date but not do something casually ambiguous in between.That’s a Catholic girl wish as old as Anne Boleyn (“YIFrom Acquaintance to First Date: What young women want in Catholic communities Pt 1 Some time ago I wrote a blog Catholics Don’t Date.The following is the feedback from the young women in the survey and things guys should probably know socializing in a Catholic community.Before finding out why there’s not a lot of dating happening, we first attempted to find out if young Catholics even want to go out with each other.In the blog I made an observation on the lack of dating happening in Catholic communities.Why does the Church girl refrain from introducing herself to a nice guy she’s seen at Church?

When given several options on the words a guy should use when asking them out ladies the direct approach prevailed also. ” followed by asking her for her number scored highest among our survey participants.

Several of the girls we surveyed, I wouldn’t mind asking out myself and I personally knew many of the guys to be capable gentlemen.

It appears Catholic guys have an initial advantage in these circles they might not have elsewhere.

Along those lines, the ultimate directness “Can I take you on a date? If all that gives you the shakes, however, a slightly less popular but acceptable alternative approved by about 30% of the group is to ask her to “meet you at a Church event in a few days.” The participants preferred not to be asked out through social media like Facebook, a surprising find given that the most of us spend an average of 23 days a year on our phone apps.

Using your phone to actually make a call, however, was considered to be more effective. It seems at least some women aren’t bothered by any post date awkwardness, even when a guy has “dated around”.

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Why will Catholic men surf a half a dozen dating apps before asking a girl out from Church?

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