Dating courtship violence

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Unfortunately, some people, while fulfilling these nurturing, positive needs of their partners at least some of the time and at least early in their relationship's development, also behave abusively, causing their partners (and often others as well) substantial emotional and/or physical pain and injury.In extreme cases, abusive behavior ends in the death of one or both partners, and, sometimes, other people as well. Frequently, however, abuse continues or worsens once a relationship is over.This abuse/violence can take a number of forms: sexual assault, sexual harassment, threats, physical violence, verbal, mental, or emotional abuse, social sabotage, and stalking.

There are, however, many traits that abusers and victims share in common.

Dating abuse or dating violence is defined as the perpetration or threat of an act of violence by at least one member of an unmarried couple on the other member within the context of dating or courtship.

It is also when one partner tries to maintain power and control over the other through abuse/violence.

Results showed that over 42 percent of respondents had engaged in some form of courtship violence, although more extreme forms of violence were not evident.

Six significant interactions between vulnerability factors and precipitating factors explained 14 percent of variance in physical dating violence.

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Therefore, despite some conceptual and experiential overlap, the various forms of abuse also are separable conceptually and experientially.