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Dating crown ming china

In particular, the Zhe School and the Yuanti School were the dominant schools during the early Ming period.

The painters of the Zhe School did not formulate a new distinctive style, preferring instead to further the style of the Southern Song and specializing in large and decorative paintings, most often of landscapes.

Meanwhile, the Wu School (sometimes referred to as Wumen) became the most dominant school nationwide.

Its formation is credited to painter Shen Zhou, who is known for using brushstrokes in the tradition of Yuan Dynasty masters.

The school was identified by a formal, academic, and conservative outlook.

The Yuanti School was organized and supported by the Ming central government to serve the Ming royal court.

These items could be found in the homes of the wealthy alongside embroidered silks and wares of jade, ivory, and cloisonné.The art form that the post-Renaissance West calls the decorative arts is extremely important in Chinese art.Most of the finest decorative arts were produced in large workshops or factories by essentially unknown artists, especially in the field of Chinese porcelain.A Wu School painting is characterized by inscriptions describing the painting, the date, method, and/or reason for the work, which is usually seen as a vehicle for personal expression.The Songjiang School and Huating School were born and developed toward the end of the Ming Dynasty.

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