Dating fender solid state amps

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I can't seem to like solid state amps live on stage for non-clean sounds. Example, "Creep" by Radiohead, World Hit, the band's breakthrough song, guitar through a cheap, rubbish, Fender solid state amp. As an aside, these days I always record a clean DI signal in addition to the normal amp-mic-signal. Add an amp sim to the clean signal and blend or replace as you desire...I've tried many, many times and no matter what anyone says, it reacts completely differently in my hands. I was 20 years playing before I even knew there was such a thing as valve amps.I accrued legions of fans playing through a vox venue 100 Theres no way I'd go back to that by choice.if I had no choice.. Put a microphone in front of whatever you have and let that be your sound. (I use my Tuner pedal as a splitter, it has two outputs, one goes to amp I made some IR inpulse files from my gear that I have at home so when I go live I am doing everything in the box no amps, only amp sims and IR files. But I have IR my Hot Cabs 4x12 Amp Cabinet Solid state amp and is from the 90's.Who cares if it's tubes, solid state, digital or jello. If you can get a better and more appropriate sound using a digital amp sim, then do that. I've seen SEVERAL guitarists bring a SS amp as a backup because they can't trust their tube amps.

All that being said I have a spankin small solid state amp I just built, I love it but it isn't my tube amp, different tool, different use. I like less high end, so that seems to work for me.

The more you test it, the better your understanding and stronger your intuition about how you need to position the mic relative to the amp, and position the amp in the room, to get the sound that you need for the mix for that song.

It costs nothing but time, and I think that time would likely be spent playing with amp sims anyway. This is also a cost issue, but you have no tubes to replace.

Most people think it's a tube amp until they take a look at the back panel to see there's not even a preamp tube...

A lot of early 90's death metal records were made using that amp (Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, althought I think John Gallagher recently switched to tube amps), Dimebag Darrel, for most of his life played ss Randall's amps, so unless you want to record jazz or blues, you don't have to bother if your gear is tube based or not.

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