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Dating gunowners

The mission of the UGOA is to: Conduct public relations campaigns in defense of the rights of all law-abiding Ukrainians to own firearms, provide advice and legal assistance to its members, assist in training and mastery of marksmanship skills, promote a culture of responsible firearms ownership, organize special shooting events, advocate for firearms owner's rights with government agencies and to create and manage gun advocacy ratings of politicians.We believe that the inalienable right of the citizens of Ukraine to legally own firearms and to defend their lives, has to be irrefutably guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law.'People will do incredible things without thinking [in order] to protect themselves and the community around them.'The caller was then asked if they would be happy taking on a terrorist, to which they replied: 'Yes', which prompted Miss Hernandez to remark: 'She's not messing about.Don't go down to Bude.'The presenter said he could not believe the chief constable would entertain the idea of the public defending themselves with firearms, to which she replied: 'I'm sure he wouldn't want to entertain it, but these are times that are challenging and I would like to have an official response on that myself.'But last night, Paul Netherton, deputy chief constable for Devon and Cornwall Police, said only highly trained police firearms officers are capable of defending the public from an attack.

Last year, John Apter, head of the Hampshire Police Federation, said the nearest armed response team could be up to 70 miles away from some parts of the countryside.

' Miss Hernandez replied it was 'a very good question', adding: 'I'm just saying…

let's officially have a look at that and see what would be the implications of it.

Our traditions of statehood and democracy are among the oldest in Europe, dating back to Kyivan Rus, circa 1000 AD.

The culture of bearing arms has been established in Ukraine for centuries.

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Our petition to the President, "To Formalize in Legislation the Right of Citizens of Ukraine to Self-Defense" which demanded that amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine be made, and for the immediate adoption of the Law "On Civil Firearms and Ammunition" 1135-1, became the first one in the history of Ukraine, to reach the required number of signatures in record time.

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