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Dating pewter marks

Stamping catalog numbers on a completed item started in the 19th and 20th century. It is easier to pinpoint the date of manufacturing with the catalog numbers.

The dates are listed in the books on antique pewter.

The town mark represents the town that produced the piece of pewter.

Used before the 18th century, the marks were heraldic designs incorporated in a coat of arms.

Each town and maker wanted people to return and buy their products.

They created quality marks and went so far as to copy marks from the silver industry.

However, the pewter makers ignored the law and continued the practice until well into the 18th century.

Item Code AC0668, Price 20 each (GBP) A couple of striker keys for removing the strikers from hammer guns. Cranked key measures .24" across the hexagonal between the flats and the straight key measures .25" Excellent condition. Nickel silver fittings with a very fancy ebony handle. I show excerpts from an excellent book by David Baker on the Royal guns at Sandringham which shows an identical game counter used on the Royal Shoots. This was specifically made for the Joseph Lang percussion walking stick gun.After the 18th century, town marks became part of the maker's mark.Look for the rare quality marks that started appearing around the 16th century.Item Code AC0670, Price see below (GBP) A couple of good quality ebony cleaning rods with nickel silver fittings. Item Code AC0653, Price 60 each (GBP) A selection of barrel keys or wrenches for pistols with turn off barrels. Item Code AC0633, Price 450 (GBP) An original nickel silver game counter or Norfolk Liar by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield. Each time the top lever is pressed the counter moves on one. Item Code AC0662, Price SOLD (GBP) A glass oil bottle with pewter top. It comes complete with an original leather bag of percussion caps printed with J. Unfortunately I can't post the actual caps so would have to empty the bag for shipping. This is guaranteed to be antique late 19th Century or early 20th Century and is not one of the Indian made fakes that have appeared on the market.Two piece which is 35 1/4" long when assembled 95 and three piece which is 34 3/4" long when assembled 75. Item Code AC0660, Price see below (GBP) A selection of nickel silver cartridge extractors by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield. Item Code AC0667, Price 75 (GBP) A T shape nipple key with pricker and screw off caps for spare nipples to be stored. The two on the left are for percussion pistols and also have a nipple key. This is guaranteed to be antique late 19th Century or early 20th Century and is not one of the Indian made fakes that have appeared on the market. Item Code AC0607, Price see below (GBP) A selection of steel double ended shot chargers. Excellent condition and exceptionally rare accessories. Item Code AC0644, Price SOLD (GBP) A small nipple key for a percussion pistol or revolver. Pistol size nipple wrenches are becoming hard to find. Item Code AC0654, Price SOLD (GBP) A good quality combination two piece nipple key with screw off brass caps covering compartment for spare nipples and a central screw out pricker.

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Among the earliest marks was the crown with a rose.