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The 85-year-old jazz singer, who earlier this year recorded "Lady is a Tramp" in a duet with Lady Gaga for his album "Duets II," posted on Twitter that he was "thrilled" his portrait was up for auction.

Currently, the highest bid is ,700, and is expected to rise during the course of the auction, which will end on Dec.

Sure a photographer seems like a quick and easy way to get great photos of yourself but I am a firm believer in presenting yourself in a flattering yet honest light.

He said that 'we must remain prudent' about definitively attributing it to Leonardo, who died in France in 1519.'The hatching on the top of the drawing near the head was done by a right-handed person. Officially attributing the painting to da Vinci 'is job that is going to take some time,' he added.

'It is a very difficult drawing to work on because it is particularly fragile.'But Mottin said experts hoped to pin down the identity of the artist within two years, in time for an exhibition at Chantilly to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death.

Ask questions and pay attention if the photographer is listening to you or if he or she is trying to just take your photo without context.

Leonardo da Vinci drew a nude version of the Mona Lisa, art experts sensationally claimed today.

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Louvre conservation expert Bruno Mottin confirmed that the drawing dates from Leonardo's lifetime at the turn of the 15th century.