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Dating stereoviews

Spencer’s stereoviews might be the only photos of the Jupiter and Lake Worth areas taken prior to 1890.

These rare images depict the lighthouse, Seminoles, pioneer residents, early homes and agriculture, and wilderness scenes that would be unrecognizable to many modern residents of the area.

Stereoviews are quite easy to recognize, as they consist of two identical images side-by-side.

In the event that one of the images has been cropped off, they can usually be recognized by their shape, which is square at the bottom and rounded at the top.

He wears a dark commercial sack coat that is cut more… He is posed seated in a high-backed chair with his forage cap in his lap. He is wearing a dark colored frock coat with shoulder boards and light colored trousers. This CDV is a bust image of Murray in dark civilian suit with close cut hair. The watch has a silver case with hinged lids front… This pair of cabinet cards show post-war images of Colonel Hilary Herbert of the 8th Alabama Infantry and Colonel Thomas H. The image is clear with good contrast and is mounted on a cream colored backing. CDV is bust view of a bearded soldier in a frock coat. He graduated from West Point 7th in his class in 1852.

Photo is a waist- up view of Captain Barksdale in uniform. Ormsby Mac Knight Mitchel was born July 20, 1805 in Kentucky. CDV is a three-quarter standing view of General Stoneman wearing a dark colored double breasted frock coat with shoulder straps and trousers with sash and belt. Vignette view of Rosecrans in left profile in the uniform of a brigadier general. Nice bright CDV image shows the President in left profile. Full standing view of Mc Clellan in uniform posed al la Napoleon with one hand thrust in his coat and the other behind his back. Simon Backus Bissell was born in Fairlee, Vt., on October 28, 1808. He wears a white shirt with a western style narrow tie. Reverse of the image has a pencil inscription that identifies the soldier as Private Isaac Letts of Company A, 50th New York Engineers. This black leather canteen was the design of Lazare Cantel who was given a patent for it on October 14, 1862. He stayed in the Army for several years, serving in the Seminole War in Florida and then… Barbour, formerly of Company F, 10th Rhode Island Infantry.

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Those who have read his publications such as his Stereographs of Territorial Arizona 1860-1930, know his research is impeccable. Flanders, Globe Stereograph Co./Stereo Travel, Arthur Emon Hackett, keystone View Company (Arizona), Kolb Brothers, Olaf P. The original document, which is difficult to read, is in the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Ms. Thanks to Jeremy and John’s work, researchers no longer have to avail themselves of that document nor track down original stereographs to research captions.

Jeremy also contributed lists for several Arizona photographers and publishers including: T. Some of John’s and Jeremy’s work on Beaman overlap, but given the complexity of the situation, they complement each other.

History Lecture: Spencer Stereoviews Date/Time: Mon Nov 27, 2017 at 4 PM (1 hr) Join Josh Liller, Historian for the Loxahatchee River Historical Society at this free lecture to be held at the North Palm Beach Public Library, 303 Anchorage Drive, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.

Melville Spencer was an early pioneer resident of the Lake Worth area who took up photography while assistant keeper of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, usually selling his photos as stereoviews.

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