Dating stoners

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Being on the more tech savvy side of the market, this app offers an accompanying blog page, Face Book page and its own Instagram account.

For the users that really want to support the cause, there is even a range of merchandise available from their website.

It even gives users the option to enrich their profile with a video statement.The stoner guy or gal is a hot commodity these days. Your baby boy or little girl won’t be craving anything but you and ganja.They have some personality traits that will make you find them sexy as hell. According to a study, people are picking stoners 30% more than they are picking people who smoke tobacco or drink more. 18 % of those that want to legalize medical and recreational marijuana identify themselves as athletes or extremely active. Marijuana has been used throughout history as a love potion aphrodisiac.We always tend to forget that weed is no longer only a recreational drug, some people actually are able to enjoy their life again thanks to their prescription of weed.The sign up process is totally free and it allows you to fill in your personal profile or take their personality test, just be sure to put in all the data they ask for because it is these parameters that let you be matched to someone else, hopefully in the same area and besides that with at least a few common interests.

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My420Mate call themselves the Cupids of Cannabis, which might be right seeing that they are currently number one dating site for cannabis users.

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