Dating tatooed girls

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Dating tatooed girls

Since starting Sixty and Me, I have come to expect the unexpected and embrace the diversity and eclectic style of women over sixty.

Sometimes when I look at a woman my age I forget that behind that conservative dress and sensible shoes lurks the heart and soul of bohemian.

But, for many women, getting a tattoo is a way to declare, if only to themselves, what they stand for and who they really are.

Even if you are not such an extrovert who likes to share your tattoos with the entire world, a small butterfly or flower tattoo is something that can be hidden under a sweater, but you know it’s there.

Who’s to say that women our age are “too old” to have a tattoo?

Women over 60 have been around long enough not to worry about what other people think about them, and now we have the freedom to more fully express our creativity and passions in life. For goodness’ sake, just this week we saw Helen Mirren teaching us how to twerk.This “Beatnik” eccentricity of so many women our age was highlighted for me a few weeks ago when I organized a “meet-up” in my town for women over 50.We are individuals who grew up in the 60’s where individualism and self-expression were a passion and way of life.At every age and stage of life, our generation has been known for not being afraid to express ourselves.

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A tattoo can be your secret, representing your secret persona.

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