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Dating unavailable men

Finally, one of the most important things you can do after a relationship ends is gain understanding about the lessons you learned.

People who keep repeating the same negative pattern – falling for unavailable men – do so because they didn’t sufficiently learn the lesson they needed to learn from their previous relationships.

Approach a few friends or family members – only those you trust the most – and tell them that you are working on stopping the cycle of falling for unavailable men.

Ask them if they’ve noticed you have this issue, even if you believe they already know.

Letter to Your Exes • Imagine that a group of your exes has gathered into a room and is lined up against a wall.

You are going to write a letter to your exes and tell them exactly how you feel: why you’re angry, what they did that made you feel bad, and what you deserve from your next boyfriend.

• What are the traits – or warning signs – you look out for and avoid when you meet a man?Try the following exercises to help you fix this problem.Brief Insight Inventory: Ask yourself the following questions to gain some insight into why you fall for unavailable men…Another mistake many women sometimes make is falling victim to distorted thinking about the purpose of a romantic relationship.The truth is that a good romantic relationship brings out the best in each member of the couple, so that each member feels happy, strong and competent, and can then go out into the world, be productive, and ultimately reach the goals each has for their lives.

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