Dating violence laws texas

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Dating violence laws texas

Texas Penal Code § 25.11 was created to enhance the penalties to a third-degree felony when it is alleged that a person assaults one or more of his/her family members, household members, or a person with whom he/she has a dating relationship, two or more times within a 12 month period. § 71.0021(b) provides that for purposes of this title, “dating relationship” means a relationship between individuals who have or have had a continuing relationship of a romantic or intimate nature. Although any allegation of assault in a domestic violence case is serious, the possible penalties and punishments are even more serious after repeated allegations have been made.

We see documentaries such as HBO’s ‘Private Violence‘ and read accounts of women who have been through horrific situations which prove domestic violence is a very complex matter.Eighth grader Ashlyn Ellgass says when the group were looking for a cause to focus their Destination Imagination project on, they heard of a horrific case where a guy poured lighter fluid down a girl’s throat.When they started doing more research around their own community and school, they found cases of violence were more prominent than they thought and decided to focus their attentions on this issue.Under section 25.11 of the Penal Code, Continuous Violence Against the Family: A person commits an offense if, during a period that is 12 months or less in duration, the person two or more times engages in conduct that constitutes an offense under Section 22.01(a)(1) against another person or persons whose relationship to or association with the defendant is described by Section 71.0021(b), 71.003, or 71.005, Family Code. A felony of the third degree is punishable by incarceration for two to ten years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and a fine of no more than .000. Section 22.01(a)(1) of the Penal Code, Assault, provides that “[a] person commits an offense if the person ... Back to top Subsection (d) of section 25.11 provides: A defendant may not be charged with more than one count under Subsection (a) if all of the specific conduct that is alleged to have been engaged in is alleged to have been committed against a single victim or members of the same household, as defined by Section 71.005, Family Code.

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Which is why a group of teen girls in Texas are working to change the legislation in their state in order to protect their peers from becoming victims.