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Dating whitsundays

The Whitsundays has a rich history dating back millions of years, when the hilly islands were formed when rising sea levels drowned a mainland mountain range.

The Ngaro Aboriginal people, one of the earliest recorded indigenous groups in Australia, were seen by Captain James Cook while exploring the Whitsunday Passage.

With her house caving in around her, she grabbed a child in each arm — but she couldn't hold onto them in the torrent."I screamed, calling my children, but nobody answered.

BHP, the world's biggest mining company, has distanced itself from the operations of the mine.

Instead, their only warning came from Paula Alves, who rode her small motorbike through the streets, honking the horn, and screaming at people to run.

And run they did; scrambling for higher ground as the wall of mud surged through the village. She was looking after two young children; her son Kayque, and her niece Emanuele.

And there are also serious questions about BHP's own role in the disaster.

Such as: how did BHP — which had two of its own executives on the Samarco board — not know of the ongoing problems with the dam?

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Proserpine Named after the goddess of fertility Proserpinia, the township of Proserpine dates backs to the 1870s when work-hungry people from all over the world arrived to grow and harvest sugar cane in the naturally fertile basin.